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Jemima has a unique mission among children and young adults with multiple disabilities in the Palestinian territories. In these areas, care for children with disabilities doesn’t come naturally. Through our work we want to show that these kids and young adults have been richly gifted. Even our employees learn from them! Every residential unit consists of local employees, often supplemented by an expert volunteer from abroad, for example from the Netherlands. This volunteer offers extra knowledge and support for local workers, while working together with them. Local employees have not had external training, unlike health care professionals in western countries. They learn through working together with their colleagues and the volunteers.

The daytime programs are mostly staffed by local employees as Arabic is the language employed there. Sometimes they are supported by foreign assistants. The at-home-support is exclusively done by Arabic speakers.

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Enable one of our residents to live and develop.


People with an education (and preferably some experience) in health care services offer valuable support to Jemima’s local workers.

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In recent years, we have been able to work together with interns from the Netherlands in a positive and fulfilling way. So far, our interns were able to attain good evaluations.

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To support our board, we are looking for:

  • A fund raising expert
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