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The Board

Jemima is managed by a board in the Netherlands. This board consists of people who have a heart for the residents at Jemima.


Kees Bel – president

My name is Kees Bel. Some years ago, during a trip to Israel, I was struck by the needs of disabled children, especially on the Westbank.

Because of my 30 years of experience in managing schools and companies, I was happy to accept the invitation to become president of the Jemima foundation. I hope to make my experience fruitful for Jemima.

The biblical guidelines for thinking and acting function as a norm for the support and service Jemima offers to the children. According to our conviction, every human being is valuable, as created by God. This means we should support people with disabilities to find their place in society. We do so with individual attention for everyone’s unique personality.

An important biblical text that motivates this kind of work is Mathew 25:34-40: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”


Jan Wannink - General member

In my daily life I work as a secondary school teacher and school educator. I have been a regular visitor to Israel since 1978 and as a result I have come into contact with the work of the Jemima Foundation in the Bethlehem area.

In 1985 I was asked by friends in Jerusalem to visit the children's home. Since then, Jemima's work has not let me go.

From 1990 to 2002 I was a board member with the focus on publicity. I gave hundreds of presentations in schools and churches during this period.

During that administrative period I often traveled to Jemima during school holidays and I actively cooperated.

In the years without a board position, Jemima did not let me go. After all, the weakest among us need our support. The Lord Jesus is moved with compassion. He was moved with compassion for a world in need. (cf. Matthew 9). The residents of Jemima deserve our attention.

The residents of Jemima are cared for with a lot of love and attention. Supporting Jemima employees is therefore a matter of course for me, so that the weakest of us receive the care they need. Love and attention is the best medicine.

In 2014 I again joined the board. Even now my area of ​​attention is publicity.


Jan Hemink – Secretary

In the summer of 2009 I participated in the project ‘Back-to-Bethlehem’, organized by a congregation in Middelharnis (the Netherlands), in cooperation with Athletes in Action. At that time we, as a group, performed at Jemima and had the chance to get to know their work.

I have 16 years of experience in health care management, of which I worked 3 years for a disability agency. With this experience I hope to be of added value to the board.


Cor van Hengel – Board Member

Cor van Hengel (1952), married to Joke, 8 children. Worked as a chartered legal executive and studied history at a later age.

Since 2012 I am part of the board of Jemima foundation. I served as a treasurer for the first four years and after that I have been responsible for several projects. A lot has changed at Jemima, these past few years. I have been actively involved in this and spent many months in Bethlem and Beith Jala, near Jerusalem. The Christian Arab employees and European volunteers are continually working to support Arab children with disabilities in their physical and mental wellbeing. Most of them come from Muslim families. The workers deserve our support. Their work is a clear Christian witness in an area dominated by Islam. Once you get involved in Jemima, it sticks with you. You feel the call to embody the biblical assignment in Matthew 25 to support ‘the least of these brothers and sisters of Jesus’.


Dick van Hoek - General member (area of interest: care)

My name is Dick van Hoek (1961), married, 4 children and working as a health care manager at Profila Zorg.

For many years, I have been following my call motivated by the words of Paul in Galatians chapter 6 to “do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” I have been able to do this within multiple regular and religious mental health care organizations. I have come to understand the importance of living in a Christian home through my work for Profila Zorg, a Christian organization offering residential care to people with mental disabilities. Jemima shelters children of all ages who have often been rejected by their families and find a new and safe home with the people at Jemima. Since 2015, I have been able to contribute to this beautiful and necessary work as a board member specialized in nursing. My main area of interest is delivering and organizing good care.


Aart Brons - Board member

From 2011 to 2017 I lived with my wife Tineke in Jerusalem. I worked in Israel for the Center for Israel Studies.

I have often been to Jemima at that time - more often also with groups (students or teachers of the CHE, theologians, other groups) for whom the CIS organized a trip. Time and again I was impressed by the care and love given to severely handicapped children in Jemima.

In the meantime, our period in Israel came to an end, and I am again a 'normal' pastor, in the Andreas Church in Apeldoorn (Chr. Geref. Church Apeldoorn-Oost). I now like to contribute to the administration - from how I got to know Jemima, and also from society and various cultures in Israel and the Palestinian territories.


Janneke Koningswoud-ten Hove - Board Member

I have been retired since 1 September 2018 and therefore have the opportunity to volunteer. I like to do this for Jemima. A few years ago I went to Bethlehem during a vacation in Israel and visited the home of Jemima.

The care that is given there has made a deep impression on me. The love and involvement for the disabled fellow human being takes shape by emphasizing the possibilities instead of the limitations, from the Christian perspective that every person may be there. If the family is unable or unwilling to care, this will be taken over by the caregivers in Jemima. The great thing is that at the same time an attempt is made to equip the family so that eventually the relationship can be restored and the responsibility comes to lie where it belongs.

Through my knowledge and experience, I hope to be able to contribute as a board member in cooperation with the board and the employees to the development and description of a vision on care and the quality of care. Because care is provided in Jemima in another country, it is important to take a different culture into account within the board. Residents, family and employees with a different cultural background. Recognizing and acknowledging that culture within the organization of Jemima is essential, but I still find it a challenge. Knowing that there is One that is omnipresent, gives courage and confidence that we may ask for strength to do what benefits the residents and organization of Jemima.

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