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Our sponsors


Dovenzorg Gereformeerde Gemeenten

Bijzondere Noden (Special Needs) is part of the Reformed Congregations and has been supporting Jemima for many years.

In 2012 they started sponsoring the care for residents with autism and people with autism who join our day time programs.


Diaconate CRC

The Christian Reformed Churches in the Netherlands support diaconal project throughout the world. One of their projects is the Home Based Intervention program in Jemima, which they started in 2010.

With their support, profoundly disabled children can be helped in their homes. Employees of the HBI project, together with the parents, look for activities that allow these children to develop themselves.

We work with


Bartiméus foundation and Jemima will cooperate in the field of caring for children and young adults with visual or auditive impairments. More information about Bartiméus can be found on their website: www.bartimeus.nl.


The Profila Zorg foundation and the Jemima foundation want to cooperate out of their shared Christian identity and a vision to professionalize Jemima’s services. The cooperation is aimed at non-financial support, such as temporal deployment of Profila employees at Jemima.

Profila Zorg is the leading national evangelical health care organization with over 40 years of experience. It offers health care and support for adults and children with (intellectual) disabilities, autism and/or psychiatric problems. It also offers residential programs for people who have a criminal past.

Want to know more? Look at our website: www.profilazorg.nl.

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