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09 Nov In general, the situation on the West Bank is safe, life is working quite normal, somedays we have strike and Fridays is not safe for transportation. Operation and care are working normally; Eber ... full story

Visit to Jemima in Beit Jala is not possible

06 Nov Given the current risky circumstances in Israel, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, the board of Jemima has decided not to allow volunteers and other travelers from the Netherlands (or another ... full story

Situation Jemima in Beit Jala

26 Oct At the moment it is still relatively quiet and safe at Jemima in Beit Jala. Although it is of course an exciting and uncertain situation, we hope it remains that way. Care can still be provided to... full story

Situation Jemima in Beit Jala

14 Oct As is known, due to a huge outbreak of violence, the situation in Israel and the Palestinian territories changed drastically. At the moment it is relatively quiet and safe at Jemima in Beit Jala. ... full story

I loved my job

jemima-i-loved-my-job-news.jpg12 Apr I loved my job despite the daily responsibilities I had to take, and with all the difficulties I faced daily I never complained. In very difficult situations I had to make incredibly difficult ... full story

Valentine's day 2020

Photo 14-02-2020, 12 21 06 PM.jpg18 Feb Last Friday was Valentine's Day. Jemima celebrated this with employees and residents. Watch and enjoy this video report. full story


jemima-nieuws-pinksteren.jpg18 May The residents and employees of Jemima wish you all a blessed Pentecost! full story

Daily activities

nieuws-jemima-dagbesteding.jpg22 Mar Daily activities for the residents are offered in the Eber building. The children have their children’s groups and the adults have their own place in a workshop. Some 20 children from around ... full story

Young Life Bethlehem

jemima-nieuws-13-2.jpg13 Feb A few days ago a group of young people from Bethlehem visited Jemima to give the residents and the clients of EBER a nice afternoon. Thank you "Young Life Bethlehem". full story


nieuws-david-is-jarig-jemima.jpg25 Jan David celebrates his birthday on 25 January. Do you know him? He is the host of Jemima's Inn. You can use Jemima's Inn for a low price. Book your stay now. full story

Happy Holidays!

happy-holidays-nieuws-jemima.jpg22 Dec Season greetings to all Jemima friends. full story

Home Base Intervention

home-based-intervention-jemima-nieuws.jpg15 Dec Children with profound disabilities have their own possibilities for development. Using small signals, they communicate their needs. It makes a world of difference when the people around them ... full story

Salem in memory. April 28, 1994 - August 7, 2017.

jemima-salem-in-herinnering-klein.jpg30 Aug You were the first one I met on the wheel chair. That time, I was fresh graduate and young energetic girl who like to run and move all the day. Indeed, I felt that you are weak and sad. I thought ... full story

Eber gets more color

jemima-nieuws-24-08.jpg24 Aug The walls in EBER (Jemima's daycare and school) are provided with beautiful drawings. Lana Zoughbei (General Manager) has achieved this amazing result with friends. Take a moment to watch this video. full story

Salem passed away

nieuws-salem-jemima.jpg10 Aug On August 7 Salem passed away. Today, a memorial service is held in the Eber building. On accompanying video an impression of the commemorative service. full story


nieuws-5-7.jpg05 Jul  ‘House Jemima’ is located on a hill between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, in the village of Beit Jala. It is home to Arabic children and young adults living with intellectual or multiple disabilities.... full story

Rasha in concert

rasha-in-concert.jpg13 Jun Yesterday, June 12, 2017, Rasha gave a mini concert at the Jerusalem Conservatory of Hassadna. Rasha plays with her Jewish Orthodox teacher Deborah Schramm. Rasha has weekly pianoles in Jerusalem.... full story

Kezia 1999 - 2001

nieuwsbericht-jemima-kezia-1999-2001.jpg09 Jun In the period 1999-2001 Ernst and Lucie Grevers were Kezia's households. An apartment was rented in the center of Beit Jala. Ernst and Lucie lived there with seven young women. They worked ... full story

Exhibition with Intisar and Salem

nieuwsbericht-jemima-exhibition-intisar-and-salem.jpg06 Jun Some week ago Intisar and Salem exhibited their self-painted works of art in the Russian Center in Bethlehem. full story

Faces of Jemima

nieuwsbericht-klein-faces-of-jemima.jpg26 May Back in time. Faces of Jemima in December 2014. full story
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