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Adoption program

Jemima provides professional, loving care to children and young adults with multiple disabilities every day. Because we cannot do this alone, we have set up an adoption program. Do you want to adopt one of our residents financially? In these blogs we tell you about the residents, what the adoption program entails and how you can help us.

These residents with disabilities desperately need your help

The 16-year-old Arabian Safouane suffers from dwarfism and cannot talk. When he was eighteen months old, we admitted him to the Jemima Christian House, because his family situation was dire. His father had left the family and 5 of his brothers and sisters had already died. He himself was in a bad way. He had a large developmental delay and was malnourished. Since we take care of him, he has grown into a sweet, enterprising boy who likes to play in the ball pit.

Make our residents happy? Take part in our adoption program

Housing, meals, hospital admissions, medicines, therapies: just a selection of the necessities of the residents of the Christian Jemima House. We are very happy with the support we receive to pay for this. Nevertheless, our financial resources are limited and we sometimes worry. After all, accommodating children with multiple disabilities and young adults is very expensive. They need intensive care all their lives.

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"Some residents seem to be unable to do much in the beginning. Time and again it surprises us what loving care does to a resident."

"We have 17 children with intellectual and physical disabilities, they all have a tragic background."

"If you want to participate in the adoption program, we ask you to adopt a resident for at least € 20 a month."

Salma's life expectancy was low, but thanks to the loving care of our employees, she is now 17 years old.

Do you have questions about financial adoption?

Why is Jemima looking for adoptive parents?

IIn the Christian house Jemima live 17 Arab resident and young adults who are multiple restricted. We care a lot about these residents and want to offer them even more quality of life than we already do. That is why we started an adoption program 2.5 years ago.

This means financial adoption for our residents

“When our residents receive a present from their adoptive parents, they are filled with joy. They shout and laugh. It is always a wonderful moment to experience, "says chairman of Jemima Kees Bel. Our foundation set up an adoption program for the residents 2.5 years ago and that has already led to many wonderful events.

How the Christian faith supports Jemima in daily life

With Christian mercy we try to follow in Jesus' footsteps every day. All our residents have a tragic background and health problems. They need professional care throughout their lives. The Christian foundation Jemima gives them a warm and safe home.

Jemima helps Christians in Beit Jala

Christians in Bethlehem are finding it increasingly difficult. They are less likely to find a job even though they are not very broad. Many families no longer have income and are leaving. Huize Jemima has given a number of Christians, especially in the Beit Jala area, a perspective for the future. They work as nurses, therapists and counselors for and within Huize Jemima.

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A valuable foundation!

- Annelies Kriekaard

20 years ago I came home after a very educational year in this beautiful place. This is where my love for the Arab people started.

- Gery Tukker

Also visited Jemima during a study trip to Israël (1998). Unforgettable!

- Trijnie Moraal

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