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“House Jemima” is located on a hill in the village of Beit Jala, between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The house is home to Arabic children with profound (intellectual) (and) multiple disabilities.

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  • Make a one-time donation here (iDEAL) [note: dit is een NL betaalsysteem, maak gebruik van credit card, misschien pay pal, etc. etc.)
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  • Financial adoption at €20,- a month.
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About Jemima

30 year ago now, in the early eighties, Ed and Heleeen Vollbehr traveled to the West bank to serve blind children.

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Our residents


Nur, 6 years

One of the children living in Jemima is Nur. Nur is a 6 year old orphan. His mother was not married when she had him, a big disgrace in Arab culture. To make matters worse, Nur faces rejection because of his disabilities.

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Ahmed, 13 years

Ahmed is the ninth child in a family. Five of his siblings have already passed away. His parents are cousins. Ahmed’s father left his family when Ahmed was 7. He has also stopped financially supporting his family.

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Sameh, 10 years

Sameh is a cheerful 10 year old. He was born early and suffers from hydrocephalus. Nobody expected he would survive at the time of his birth. His parents asked to let him stay at Jemima until he would pass away…

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Latest news

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Valentine's day 2020

Photo 14-02-2020, 12 21 06 PM.jpg18 Feb Last Friday was Valentine's Day. Jemima celebrated this with employees and residents. Watch and enjoy this video report. full story
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